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Hear For Clear Ears is a professional mobile, friendly ear wax removal service provided by a female healthcare practitioner with experience in healthcare for over 25 years.

I am completely up to date with the relevant training and skills in ear wax removal. My service provides the necessary equipment to undertake microsuction, electronic irrigation, and manual removal using instrumentation (probe) within a community setting using the latest ear care technology.

A DBS can be produced as required. Covered by Chiswell public liability insurance.

As a Healthcare Professional, I recognise the importance of a timely assessment, therefore this service was established to address the need for ear wax removal as a quick solution to long delays in receiving treatment from the NHS.

The mobile service can be delivered from the comfort of your own home, place of work or nursing and residential home setting.

My hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm & you can book online or by telephone. I am available for call out or an evening appointment can be arranged via telephone if needed.

Location / areas covered – Huddersfield (kirklees), Halifax (Calderdale), Wakefield, Batley, Dewsbury


What is ear wax

Ear wax is a normal physiological substance (cerumen) along with various foreign substances (such as cosmetics and dirt) that can build up over time. Earwax is a helpful and natural part of your bodys defences. It cleans, coats and protects your ear canal by trapping dirt and slowing the growth of bacteria.

Normally, earwax is eliminated from the ear canal spontaneously through natural jaw movement. If the natural elimination mechanism is disrupted or inadequate, wax is retained in the canal and may become impacted (blocked). It is estimated that 2.3million people suffer with impacted ear wax. Due to an increase in the UK population, then this number is expected to rise. It can be
eliminated easily through gentle painless microsuction technology or warm irrigation.

Common causes of ear wax :
- Narrow or damaged ear canals
- You have a lot of hair in your ear canals.
- You have a skin condition affecting your scalp and around your ears
- Inflammation of your ear canal
- Hearing aid users

Common symptoms
- Hearing loss or reduced hearing.
- Muffled ears or the feeling of fullness
- Discomfort or pain to the ears
Tinnitus (ringing of the ears) or buzzing




Microsuction is the gold standard treatment for removal of ear wax. It is a highly precise, gentle vacuuming of the ear canal. It is a process of removing wax from your ears, using a suction devise that is painless.

Ear Irrigation:

Ear irrigation is an ear cleansing method that people use to remove a build-up of earwax. Irrigation involves gently inserting liquid into the ears to flush the earwax out using body temperature water. After the appointment you should keep water out of your ears for 24 hours, avoiding
swimming or washing your hair.


I am unable to carry out the earwax removal procedure if you have :
- A recurring ear infection or infection in the last 3 months.
- Had ear surgery in the past.
- Suspect that you have a perforated eardrum
- Any fluid or discharge from within the ear in the last 3 months.

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